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Network Marketing Software
changed our Industry

Over the past 10 years a lot has changed in the network marketing industry. The development of network marketing software as rendered the old days of calling friends and family, cold calling leads and handing out business cards is a thing of the past. With new advancments in software technology and social media the learning curve for marketing a business these days has never been harder if you are not familiar with these new marketing chanels. Even traditional business is finding their old school yellow page ads are not performing and they are being forced to move towards the internet to follow their market. Well the same goes for the network marketing industry and network marketing software. Because the marketing methods are moving to the internet where their traditional network marketing software (usually in the form of a standard contact manager) resides, these network marketing software systems are forced to become more than just a standard CRM (contact relationship management). Today we see companies like http://www.homeofficepro.net Network Marketing Software who have transformed into full online business management centers allowing these independent marketers to not only control their contacts but to generate contacts from the internet. This is made possible because the market online has reached the tipping point where it make more sense to market your business on the internet because the market has become larger and more targeted.

7 things your network marketing software must have

  1. You need traffic so it must provide proven ways to generate traffic to your website.

  2. You need to take that traffic and convert it to leads so it must provide you with not only a website but an offer that compells traffic to opt into your list (a lead magnet)

  3. You need to build a relationship with your leads so a good network marketing software system should automate this process for you with pre-written and customizable auto response emails.

  4. You need to convert your relationships into sales so a good network marketing software system should devide and sell your quality relationships leaving you only talking to the qualifed buyers.

  5. You need to communicate with your following with new offers so a good network marketing softare system should allow you to email your list of prospect or a specific splintered segment of your prospects.

  6. You need to know what is working in your marketing so a good network marketing software system should have built in marketing campaign tracking and it should tell you easily what is giving you return on your investment and whats not.

  7. Last but not least you need to deliver your opportunity presentation any time, any where, at the drop of a hat. When people ask for it you give it to them. Make sure the network marketing software system you choose allows you to add show prospects a pre recorded or produced presentation instantly, book them to a company confrence call in one click, or give them a three-way call with your upline. Whatever it is that you company does your network marketing software needs to deliver on demand with no hassel.

Now the reason I say Network Marketing Software changed the industry is not because it created this marketplace but it changed the way we contact our leads. The old style of network marketing was very forceful and required immediate action. Well todays network marketers realize they have a good business and don't need chace people. Instead they use software like http://www.homeofficepro.net Network Marketing Software that builds a relationship with each contact via automatic emails allowing you to filter who to call and who not to call. It has make the world of network marketing easier and more efficeint than ever before. By the use of reverse marketing you can litterally attract a rush of prospects calling you instead of you calling them. In essence your become the hunted instead of the hunter. I'm sure you can see how this makes one more productive and more positive moving forward in their business.

How to Accelerate and Duplicate the process of Attracting
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Multi-Level Marketing Software Resources

Here are links to some of the top  Multi-level Marketing Software and service providers available.

  • Home Office Pro - www.homeofficepro.net

    • Specializes in Large and Small Organizations

    • Website Replication Specialists

    • Software Package provides tools for both Prospecting and Building Your Organization

    • Includes Auto Responder Email Marketing System

    • Dynamic Mentoring System and Contact Manager Tool

    • Melaleuca Approved Provider

  • Prospecting Pages - www.prospectingpages.com

      For independent Distributors of Melaleuca

      Melaleuca Approved Provider

      Great for those just starting out

      Includes 5 Marketing Websites and Prospecting Tools

  • Response Magic - Auto Responder System - www.responsemagic.com

      Perfect tool for Single Distributors who want to do Powerful Email Marketing

      Includes Drip Emails, Broadcasting and embedded Link Tracking

Parent Company Resources

Below are links to Parent Companies that offer Residual Income or Distributor Based business models. These are companies that the Home Office Pro Software Suite is currently working with or providing software services to.  These companies have proven track records of success and solid residual or referral business models.  

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