Network Marketing Team Success Celebration Tools

Network Marketing Team Success Celebration Tools

The best way to encourage your members to participate and work to grow your organization is to celebrate their success and achievements.

Announce Each Member’s Advancements so they can Celebrate as a Team

he Advancement Rotator will allow you to notify the team of a member’s advancement with one click. Their name, personal picture and their advancement level will be displayed in the members area so the entire team can celebrate with them. Their achievement will automatically rotate for a set period of time with others who have advanced. This is a great way to recognize and celebrate the hard work of your team members and to encourage other members to strive for recognition.

Make Your New Members Feel Welcome

With the New Member Welcome rotator, new members will be displayed in a rotation with their information and who enrolled them. This welcomes the new member and recognizes the work of the person who enrolled them. Your organization’s newest members will already feel part of the team when they see that they have been warmly welcomed and appreciated.