Network Marketing Team Administration Area System

Network Marketing Team Administration Area System

A team can only be as strong as its leadership structure. We help you build a strong leadership with powerful administration tools to manage your Home Office Pro system.

Tools to Manage Your Website 

Your administration panel will let you update and move modules displayed in the members area, such as the Contact List and Appointments List. With the Synchronize feature, you can update the auto-responder emails in your members’ accounts with the emails in your auto-responder account, making changing and updating the email sequences across the entire team as simple as one mouse click. The administration panel will also give you access to additional features and modules you may choose to add to your Home Office Pro instillation. These additional features include powerful tools such as the Lead Rotator. 

Tools to Manage Your Members

From the administration panel, you will be able to update your members’ status as they advance in your organization. You will also be able to see your active to inactive membership ratio, so you can easily see the growth of your team in real time. The advanced member management tools will let you deactivate a member’s access, determine who is allowed to activate a team replicated website, and monitor the website personalization features, such as personal images a member would like placed on their replicated site.