If you a leader in this space there is a good chance you are already tracking your key performance indicators. 

Metrics like how many people do need to give a presentation in order to get a customer or a business partner, or how many people you need to invite to a presentation to get someone to attend. 

But have you considered the benefits of tracking those metrics for everyone on your team?

For example,

  • how many presentations does your team give? 
  • How many invitations to a presentation does your team need to perform to have someone attend a presentation?
  • What is the total number of invitations being performed in a given month? 
  • How many presentations do the top performers on your team make compared to those who are not seeing success? 

When you start taking a look at these numbers you start to see some patterns emerge and you can start using those numbers to your advantage.  

For example, if you track the metrics of those that are successful on your team, you can use that information to show the rest of the field, so they can model it.

Celebrating the success of your team members that are performing the right activities creates momentum through social proof and leads to more of your team taking similar actions. 

You can also identify the people on your team that are stuck, so you can proactively reach out and help them overcome that bottleneck before they give up.  

Sometimes it just takes timely training or affirmation that your team is taking the right steps. 

Tracking these metrics also opens the door to being able to automate these things so everyone on your team can operate more efficiently.  

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