In this video I’m going to show how to get your team tracking their prospects without bogging them down with clunky contact manager tools

We’ve found over the years that the best contact manager for network marketers is the one that gets out of the way.

The less your team members need to focus on managing their contacts, the more likely they are to focus on the essential activities that actually grow their business 

We found that by simply creating a process for your partners to find and send pre-written approaches, presentations and training we could use automation to track the messages and tie them to the contact receiving those messages.

This eliminates the need to add contacts to your contact manager or take notes on what you send them because the system does this all for you. 

And if you have a system that tracks what your prospect is clicking, watching and completing you can have a contact manager full of valuable insights without the need to manage those contacts. 

And your team will actually use it, because to them its just an organized place to access all the scripts and resources they need all available at a tap inside the mobile app.

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