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What is a Home Based Business?

Experienced vetrans in the network marketing industry know that in order to successfully build your business you must have the proper home based business software to build your business. Some of the traditional home based business software are offline, such as newspaper ads, bandit sign campaigns, social gatherings and business cards. Today, the most effective way of building your business is by using online home based business software. Finding the right tools for the job can be harder than you think.

Perform an Internet search for home based business software and you will find pages and pages of companies offering different services aimed at the network marketing industry. Some companies will offer an autoresponder service. This service is one of the oldest forms of online marketing. It uses and auto-email program to follow up and market to your prospects, customers and business connections automatically for you. Autoresponders are an effective network marketing tool, but alone autoresponders cannot reach thier full potential for your network marketing business. The best autoresponder on the market will still need prospects in it in order to be effective. You need a way to get leads to sign up for your autoresponder emails or newsletter.

To get leads for your autoresponder, you need another commonly advertised network marketing tool: the marketing website, also known as a landing page, lead capture page or splash page. If designed properly capture pages can effectively mine useful information about prospects, such as their name, email, and phone number and other key information you need to close the deal.

To be effective you must to give the prospect incentive to fill out the capture form on the page by offering incentive such as additional useful information or a free gift.

After your visitor has completed the form by filling out their information, you can use your autoresponder to follow up automatically with your prospects.

Once you have the website to capture leads and the autoresponder to follow up with leads, you. You are only missing one key part, the Marketing. With strong marketing, your website will be seen and will therefore generate you the leads for your autoresponder.

Online marketing and advertising campaign management is another which is an indispensable network marketing tool. You need to be able to track all of your different marketing campaigns that are driving traffic and capturing leads to your website, In order to effectivly judge the performance of your advertising dollars. There are hit tracking software services available that will manage and track your campaigns for you automatically. You should look for one that allows you to run multiple campaigns at the same time and allow you to do split testing on your capture pages. Split testing allows you to push traffic from the same source, like a website banner, to more than one version of your capture page in a rotation. This network marketing tool is vital to learning what marketing strategies work, what page copy and design is most effective for your targeted audience.

Make sure that the tool you choose allows you to accurately gauge what traffic turns into leads so that you can calculate your advertising return on investment.

Once you have an autoresponder, a lead capture page and a way to effectivly track your marketing campaigns the question is, how do you ensure all of these home based business software are working properly with one another to give you the best results?

You need a way to combine all of your efforts in an easy to manage and understand package.

A contact management system is the most powerful network marketing tool that you can have in your marketing toolbox. A fully featured contact management system can combine an automated follow up system, an autoresponder, a lead capture page and all the marketing campaign tools you need for your business to be successful while allowing you to duplicate your efforts amongst your entire organization. Using a system that has everything you need in one place will, save you and your distributors time by not having to subscribe and learn different home based business software and will ensure that your organization is working in synergy for the most effective results.

If you are looking to find the most effective home based business software for your business, I would recommend looking at Home Office Pro, an all-in-one team building system specifically built for you the network marketing leader. Test drive it today at www.homeofficepro.net

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Multi-Level Marketing Software Resources

Here are links to some of the top  Multi-level Marketing Software and service providers available.

  • Home Office Pro - www.homeofficepro.net

    • Specializes in Large and Small Organizations

    • Website Replication Specialists

    • Software Package provides tools for both Prospecting and Building Your Organization

    • Includes Auto Responder Email Marketing System

    • Dynamic Mentoring System and Contact Manager Tool

    • Melaleuca Approved Provider

  • Prospecting Pages - www.prospectingpages.com

      For independent Distributors of Melaleuca

      Melaleuca Approved Provider

      Great for those just starting out

      Includes 5 Marketing Websites and Prospecting Tools

  • Response Magic - Auto Responder System - www.responsemagic.com

      Perfect tool for Single Distributors who want to do Powerful Email Marketing

      Includes Drip Emails, Broadcasting and embedded Link Tracking

Parent Company Resources

Below are links to Parent Companies that offer Residual Income or Distributor Based business models. These are companies that the Home Office Pro Software Suite is currently working with or providing software services to.  These companies have proven track records of success and solid residual or referral business models.  

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