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Home Office Pro comes with a fully featured mlm contact management system that will organize your contacts into groups for you and allow you to create quick-calling sheets so you can speed dial your way to success.

mlm Contact Manager Grouping for Easy Management

Contact will be added to the Contact Manager when they opt in through your website form. As you work with each contact, they will be automatically moved into the appropriate group depending on what needs to be done next with them. You can set up these groups as call lists, so you can move from contact to contact until your call list is empty. This will let you speed dial your way through your contact list in no time, giving you more time to do what you want.  

Call, Email, Organize from you mlm contact manager and Schedule - Automatically

As you contact each person on your call list, you will choose outcomes for the call. Based on the mind map set up through the automated Mentoring System, the contact manager will send the person an email, change their status, schedule a future appointment with them or all of the above. The best part is that this all happens automatically. All you need to do is select
the outcome that matches how your call went. One button and you are done and ready to move on to the next person!

How to Start a mlm Organization with mlm Contact Manager

To start a mlm Organization, you must first choose your Parent Company. Look for a Parent Company that has a proven track record of success, that provides real products or services to sell and market, has a defined compensation structure, provides training and other resources, and is open about its practices and business model. You should try to avoid Parent Companies that do not have an obvious product or service to sell. These companies are referred to as Pyramid Companies and build Distributors and compensation solely on the referral of the business model. There are many legitimate Parent Companies available, but be sure to research the company and its track record or speak to current distributors for that company. The products and services that Parent Companies sell or promote vary, so be sure to choose a Parent Company whose products or services you feel you will be able to promote and sell effectively. Most Parent Companies will require you to purchase and use some of their products, so be sure you choose a Parent Company that suites you.

Once you have signed up as an Independent Distributor for your chosen Parent Company, you may choose to join an existing Organization or start your own Organization. In most cases, you will be signed up as a Distributor in a pre-existing Downline. Your Organization will remain a Downline of the Parent-Organization, but you can choose to build your Downline independently.

How to Build a Successful Network Marketing Organization - Choosing the Right Network Marketing Software System

As an Independent Distributor, the key part to building a successful Organization that will offer Residual Income in the future is to enroll and build other Distributors in your direct Downline. Your Parent Company may have several Organizations of Independent mlm Distributors connected to it.  In order to grow your Organization successfully, you must create a marketing presence that will stand out and reach those potential distributors and customers that the other Organizations have not. 

One of the best ways to market your organization is online. Before beginning to build your organization online, be sure to check to the rules and regulations of your Parent Company to insure you follow their set marketing practices. To build online, you need a website that has a strong presence and marketability. There are several companies that can design a website that stands out online and can target prospects specific to your Organization and Parent Company you represent.


A few select companies will be able to provide you with Network Marketing (MLM) Software that will both give you a presence online with a strong marketing website and a system of tools that will help your Organization and its members with marketing, prospecting and enrollment. Choosing aa Network marketing software system that provides these types of Prospecting Tools will help you to grow your Organization much faster.   

Advantages of Using a Network Marketing Software

mlm success is dependent on several factors. One of these factors is choosing the correct business to represent as a Distributor. Another factor is choosing the correct software to build your Distributor or referral marketing business with. There are companies that specialize in building websites and organization building systems. It is important to choose a company that has the tools and features your organization will need and will work with you to grow your referral marketing business.

Multi-Level Marketing Software Resources

Here are links to some of the top  Multi-level Marketing Software and service providers available.

How to Get 3 to 5 Incoming Calls for Free Everyday
from Prospects Interested in Network Marketing

The Proven System to Grow Your Network Marketing Business

Multi-Level Marketing Software Resources

Here are links to some of the top  Multi-level Marketing Software and service providers available.

  • Home Office Pro - www.homeofficepro.net

    • Specializes in Large and Small Organizations

    • Website Replication Specialists

    • Software Package provides tools for both Prospecting and Building Your Organization

    • Includes Auto Responder Email Marketing System

    • Dynamic Mentoring System and Contact Manager Tool

    • Melaleuca Approved Provider

  • Prospecting Pages - www.prospectingpages.com

      For independent Distributors of Melaleuca

      Melaleuca Approved Provider

      Great for those just starting out

      Includes 5 Marketing Websites and Prospecting Tools

  • Response Magic - Auto Responder System - www.responsemagic.com

      Perfect tool for Single Distributors who want to do Powerful Email Marketing

      Includes Drip Emails, Broadcasting and embedded Link Tracking

Parent Company Resources

Below are links to Parent Companies that offer Residual Income or Distributor Based business models. These are companies that the Home Office Pro Software Suite is currently working with or providing software services to.  These companies have proven track records of success and solid residual or referral business models.  

(In Alphabetical Order)