Network Marketing Databases

Network Marketing Databases


What is a Network Marketing Database?

A network marketing database is a way to store all of the leads generated by your lead capturing efforts. Most Network Marketing Databases will also provide a genealogy of leads acquired so that it stores your Downline and their generated leads. Essentially, a network marketing database is a large digital address book that contacts network marketing contact information. A network marketing database may simply be a stored file or it may also be connected to a Network Marketing Contact Management System.

What Can Network Marketing Databases and Management Systems Do For You and Your Business?

When you connect Network Marketing Databases into a network marketing contact management system, it enables you to…

  • Store all of your leads’ contact information

  • Organize and categorize your contacts for easy browsing or contact distinction

  • Mass email your contacts/leads by group or category

  • Archive contact details to avoid duplicate lead contact entry into the database

The Home Office Pro network marketing Contact Management System is a great tool to help you build your business. It can also help by increasing profitability because it will increase productivity when it takes less time for you to locate your contact/lead’s information. The tools included will provide you the option to email contacts within your Network Marketing Database, move contacts in and out of your database seamlessly, modify the details of the contacts within the database and provide a means for network genealogy management through an easy to access and use administration panel.

Network Marketing Databases and Management System Resources

  • Platinum Synergy Group Inc – Provides Contact Database creation and maintenance services as well as other web application services including website hosting, website design and Email Send Systems.

  • Home Office Pro – A Contact Management Software system that has been engineered to specifically meet the needs of those seeking a Network Marketing Database Management System that will allow for easy contact management and network marketing lead generation.