Network Marketing To Do List

Network Marketing To Do List

Never Let a Great Idea Fade Away Again

The To-Do List feature lets you quickly jot down all your ideas in one place. You can go back to them at any time and organize them into due date estimates, such as tomorrow, next week, or even a year from now. The To-Do list will replace that stack of sticky-notes sitting on your desktop or stuck to your monitor. And because you set due date estimates, you will be able to set attainable goals and get your tasks completed. 

The To-Do List Keeps the Little Things from Overpowering the Important Things

You will be able to focus on the big picture or the important tasks that need to be done without the smaller tasks occupying your thoughts. All the pending tasks and ideas you have can be stored in one place and easily managed. This will free your mind and alleviate the stress that having too many tasks on your mind can cause. 

But it’s Important not to let the Little Things go Undone

And with the built in To-Do reminder system, you will be automatically notified when you have items on your To-Do list that need your attention. You can then choose to complete them or change its due date and set up a new reminder.