Direct Sales Resources

Direct sales resources for those interested in direct sales recruiting, including how to start a direct sales business.


Direct Sales – A Quick History

Direct Sales, also known as door-to-door sales, has been around since the time when man first began manufacturing products or services and employed others to do the selling for them. Direct Sales began as an acknowledged business venture during the Industrial Revolution when the invention boom created thousands of opportunities for salesmen to travel town to town with the latest products available. The “Traveling Salesman” helped to spread the sale of largely manufactured goods that were not locally available across America during the Great Depression. In the 1950s, Direct Marketing companies like Avon and Tupperware provided job opportunities to women and those in less prosperous communities where factory jobs were scarce. During the 1970’s the direct sales marketing business experienced another large boom as many health and wellness product companies like Melaleuca
and Shaklee realized the benefit of direct sales. These companies are still going strong today, and the power of Direct Marketing has led to the expansion of their product sales to a global market.

Direct Sales Today – The Online Market

Today, all of the large direct sales recruiting recruiting businesses have an online presence through a website, online advertising and through email campaigns. Many direct sales companies encourage their direct sales business associates to use the online market as an avenue to expand their reach. Companies that rely on direct sales have become a household name because they use the online market and the person to person market very effectively. These companies often partner with other companies, often called Approved Service Providers, to help their direct sales associates to gain an online presence and build a strong contact database

How to Start a Direct Sales Business

Today, there are many great direct sales business opportunities available to choose from. You need to research the companies available to insure that you are choosing the correct direct sales recruiting company that can meet the specific needs of you and your business. Review the direct sales resources that they have available and the company’s track record and current client list. For more information on starting a direct sales business or a home based business, see this link to review our home based business software.

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