New Mobile Number Verification FAQ for founders.

What is mobile number verification?
Registered members of all of our marketing systems will now be prompted on their next login or on registration to verify their mobile number. 

Why do we need to verify mobile numbers?
Here are some reasons..

  1. In the event that you lose your login details and need to retrieve your password we will now deliver that via SMS to ensure you instantly get your password. 
  2. To help new registered users easily download the mobile app from their mobile device.
  3. To notifiy users if there is an issue with subscription or payment.
  4. Get important messages from your team ( System owners will now be able to communicate with their team via SMS )
    We will automatically sort your members in the following segments for your convenience.
    -Free Registered Users ( for systems with free training or access to a free team schedule )
    -Abandon payment ( Registrations who tried to subscriber but who have a problem at the payment step )
    -Subscribers ( Members that are currently subscribed to the marketing system )
    -Dunning ( Members who have not canceled but failed to process their payment )
    -Cancellations ( Members who have cancelled their subscription to the team marketing system )


Do members have verify your mobile number?
No, on login you have the option to skip this step

Were in the registration process does this prompt them?
When registering on the direct payment process they will be prompted to verify their mobile number after their payment is processed. 

When registering on a free registration process they will be prompted to verify immediately after registration, then directed to the next step in registration process.


Can you change the number if you don’t get the verification text?
Yes, you have the option to re-send the message which gives you the ability to re-enter your mobile number.