Network Marketing MLM CRM

Network Marketing MLM CRM


Do you need one?

Customer retention through a customer relationship management (CRM) plan should be a key focus of any business, including network marketing and mlm businesses. Often, network marketing crm and mlm crm focuses heavily on acquiring new prospects while not focusing enough on customer retention. Retention focused customer relationship management for an mlm crm or network marketing crm plan will be more successful because more of the residual income resources that are so important to network marketing businesses will be retained. It is also much more cost effective and you will see a higher return on your investment if you retain the customers you have already acquired. Marketers are now realizing that the number one rule for network marketing and mlm success is to create a crm plan that works and that can be easily duplicated through their entire organization.

Retail stores have customer relationship management plans that focus on building a trusting relationship with each customer. Their goal is to make each customer feel like they are special and that they are getting a special deal or discount even when they may be actually paying full price. Customers who feel they are receiving special attention and gain a sense of security and while shopping at a particular store will return to that same store over and over again, even if they could obtain the same items more cheaply by shopping someplace else. This is called building customer loyalty and it needs to be the key element of any customer relationship management plan.

This same retail crm plan can be applied to a network marketing crm or mlm crm plan. As a network marketer or mlm online business entrepreneur, your goals are the same. You need to build a strong base of loyal customers by building a strong customer relationship with each individual customer. There are three key ingredients to building a strong customer relationship in a network marketing or mlm business. The first is the greeting and incentive. The second is the thank you and unexpected bonus or the downsell. The third is the continued follow up.

The way in which you greet and welcome your network marketing or mlm prospect on your website will quickly determine if it will become a captured or a lost prospect. If you look at successful retail stores, they have greeters at the doors and people stationed at strategic points in the store to ask if the customer needs help or more information. The customer is immediately filled with a sense of welcome and security the moment they walk through the door and they are continually looked after and made to feel important as they browse. Your network marketing or mlm crm planned website should follow the exact same principles. Your first sentence should be an honest welcome to the prospecting, including why you are glad they have come to your website and how important it is to you that they learn what it is you have to say.

A good customer relationship management plan will have you as the messenger for your network marketing or mlm business, not the message. Your goal is to build trust with the prospect that you want to help them duplicate your success by sharing with them. Be yourself, be personable and be honest with the prospect as this will build the important personal customer relationship connection to you and break the digital divide that most websites put up between the business and the customer. If you are able to greet your customer and create a personal connection with the prospect in the first few sentences of your website, you will see capture statistics dramatically increase.

After building the trust through your customer relationship management planned greeting and introduction, you must build the loyalty with that prospect or customer that is necessary for them to continue to be involved in your network marketing or mlm business. Network marketing crm and mlm crm is all about residual. Return customers are residual income generators. They repeatedly provide a stream of income to you each time they return to shop in your store or renew their subscription to your service. Without this repetition, you are building a single level business whos back door is as wide open as its front door. A successful customer relationship manager will both be able to capture new customers and retain current ones. If you are having a high volume of sign ups but also a high volume of cancellations or lack of returns, your network marketing and mlm crm plan needs to be evaluated and adjusted.

The benefits of having a customer relationship management plan in place is magnified if you also have a mlm crm or network marketing crm system to make your plan run more smoothly and automatically. The third element, the follow up, is such a critical element it almost must be automated to be highly successful. Let’s face it – keeping up with who needs a follow up when is not easy. That is why you need a customer relationship management system to keep everything in order, follow up with your customers automatically through email for you, report the follow up results through link tracking, and let you know when it is a good time to make a personal follow up call if needed. The number one rule must also be inforced: find a crm plan that works and find a crm system that can help you to duplicate this plan for your entire organization, like Home Office Pro.

Customer relationship management is something that retail stores have been mastering for hundreds of years. Network marketing crm and mlm crm is just now becoming a recognized important step to building a business online. Remember to make a personal connection with your prospect, be the messenger for your business, build loyalty through follow up and find a good crm system to help automate the process.