Teach a Single Strategy on how to approach and present your business.

  • most teams have multiple strategies, more is not better.
  • remember it doesn’t matter what works it only matters what duplicates.
  • using a strategy that is highest converting is best because new members have a limited audience so they need to make it count.

Use a tool, to teach that strategy.

You can’t be the one teaching the strategy or the duplication stops at you. You need to simply point to the training so anyone can teach their members to be just as successful at teaching as you. This is what duplicates your efforts down multiple generations.

Track the results and celebrate success.

Success of others will get the rest of your team to take note of how well this simple strategy works. This gets the rest of the team to take action resulting in more success.
( it’s a snowball effect so don’t stop celebrating! )

Create great working conditions. 

In the Direct Sales and Network Marketing space it is even more important to create productive work environments for our team. Having a system that keeps team members focused on the critical activities that will get them results is vital to duplication.

Think of this as the Gym. Once you step into the Gym it is a lot easier to get in the mindset for having a good workout.

This is the same when it comes to working from home.

Having a good system acts as the gym, having a great training program shows them how to complete a great workout and celebrating the success of others motivates your team to get to the gym in the first place.

We implemented this simple strategy for one of our leading teams and the results were outstanding.

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